Assist & Locking Industrial Handles

From trucks and trailers to industrial equipment and OEM projects, many applications depend on assist and locking industrial handles. They provide improved safety and operational efficiency as well as an ergonomic, secure grip. In industrial settings, handles facilitate the movement of heavy objects while putting less strain on workers and reducing the chance of accidents. Types like heavy duty assist industrial pull handles offer enhanced durability and longevity to deliver lasting performance in even the most demanding of applications.

Understanding the benefits and types of industrial handles will help you determine which one is the ideal fit for your equipment. At Polar Hardware Manufacturing Co., Inc., we specialize in truck body and door hardware designed for industrial applications. Our team utilizes materials like stainless steel and aluminum to construct high-quality industrial handles with a focus on long-term performance, safety, and accident prevention.

Benefits of Heavy Duty Assist Industrial Handles

Our handles deliver multiple advantages for industrial applications. Their benefits include:

  • Durabile construction. Our heavy duty assist industrial handles have a rugged construction with corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel to deliver long-term performance even under harsh industrial conditions.
  • Safer, ergonomic grip. Our handles minimize the physical stress and strain employees experience, giving them a secure grip while pushing, pulling, or lifting heavy loads. They also decrease the likelihood of slippage, helping to prevent injury.
  • Efficient operations with boosted productivity. The industrial handles we offer at Polar Hardware Mfg. Co. allow your workforce to more easily and efficiently navigate your facility space, which lends your operation the side benefit of increased productivity.
  • Application flexibility. Our handles are highly versatile and customizable, allowing us to tailor them to your application so that you’ll have the optimal handle solution for a range of trucks and environments. We offer various material choices, finishes, rod diameters, and locking or non-locking models.

Types of Heavy Duty Assist Industrial Handles

We offer a range of heavy duty assist industrial handles to suit our clients’ varied needs. All of our handles consist of corrosion-resistant materials, allow for a secure grip, and are well-suited to repeated pulling or lifting motions. Examples of the industrial handles we manufacture at Polar Hardware Mfg. Co. include the following:

  • Chrome plated assist handles. Duplex nickel chrome plating lends an added degree of durability to our assist handles, along with a pleasing surface finish.
  • Stainless steel assist handles. Our stainless steel handles are made of grade 304 stainless steel tubing with a 16-gauge wall and a polished finish.
  • Aluminum assist handles. A strong yet lightweight metal that resists rust, aluminum is another of our material options. Our aluminum handles are available with a plain finish.
  • Locking handles. Our rigid heavy duty locking handles come chrome-plated and are applicable for trucks as well as industrial applications. These handles also come in non-locking models.

Industrial Handles by Polar Hardware Mfg. Co.

Industrial handles are ideal for improving worker grip in various applications. These hardware products make lifting and pulling more convenient and safe for users, reducing strain, stress, and workplace accidents. Heavy duty industrial handles are suitable for particularly heavy objects as they’re made of durable and corrosion-resistant materials like chrome plate, stainless steel, and aluminum to deliver long-lasting performance in rugged applications.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Polar Hardware Mfg. Co. manufactures an extensive product line of custom hardware, including handles, levers, locks, latches, hinges, springs, and spacers for diverse industrial applications. Contact us to speak with a team member about the optimal assist or locking industrial handle for your application.