Commercial Refrigerator Door Locks

Refrigerators play a critical role in a variety of commercial and industrial settings, including restaurants, medical facilities, grocery stores, and many more. Whether used for food items or other perishable goods, it’s important to keep refrigerators as secure as possible to prevent spoilage, maintain energy efficiency, and keep unauthorized personnel from accessing the contents. A great way to do this is by utilizing refrigerator door locks.

At Polar Hardware Manufacturing Co., Inc., we specialize in industrial and stainless steel hardware, including refrigeration locks and latches. Our products are made from quality materials to ensure optimized safety and security for your commercial refrigerators.

Benefits of Refrigerator Locks

Commercial refrigerator door locks and latches from Polar Hardware Manufacturing Co., Inc. offer various benefits, including:

  • Security. Refrigerator locks are an effective way to keep your items secure. In some industries, such as pharmaceuticals or research and development, refrigerators are used to store valuable samples and materials that are subject to confidential requirements. Locks can prevent unauthorized access and protect the integrity of sensitive data and materials.
  • Compliance. For food and medical storage applications, health and safety regulations often require businesses to maintain specific temperature ranges. Refrigerator locks can help maintain these temperatures by preventing unauthorized access to the refrigerator, which could lead to temperature fluctuations.
  • Loss Prevention. By keeping refrigerator doors securely closed, refrigerator locks prevent product spoilage that could otherwise lead to financial losses.
  • Liability Reduction. Refrigerator door locks reduce the likelihood of liability issues by mitigating the risk of accidents and product contamination.
  • Inventory Control. Because refrigerator locks restrict access to authorized personnel only, they aid in preventing theft and managing inventory levels.
  • Customization. Refrigerator locks from Polar Hardware Manufacturing Co., Inc. are available in numerous types and styles and can be customized to meet your particular requirements.

Types Of Commercial Refrigerator Locks

At Polar Hardware Manufacturing Co., Inc., we offer the following types of commercial refrigerator door locks and latches:

  • Stainless Steel 2-Point Latches. Our stainless steel 2-point latches are ideal for basic security needs. This type of lock provides two latching points and is constructed using quality stainless steel materials. To further improve security, our 2-point latches can be padlocked.
  • Safety Latches – Key Locking & Pad Locking. These slim, heavy-duty latches can be locked with either a padlock or a keyed cylinder. The keyed cylinder features a stainless steel scalp with a dust cover for protection. For both versions, all internal lock mechanisms are made of stainless steel.
  • Malleable Iron Latches. We offer malleable iron latches in standard and 2-point latch configurations. These heavy-duty latches are suitable for fridges, freezers, refrigerated trucks, and more. They feature an adjustable strike to ensure a perfect seal and prevent refrigeration loss while maintaining optimal security.
  • Trip Locks. Our trip locks have modern styling with an easy-closing trip latch and a positive padlock feature. They are reversible for either left or right-hand doors, and are available flush to 1-1/4’’ offset.
  • Double Rod Locks. Our double rod locks provide two heavy-duty locks for positive latching. They are available in 3/4’’ and 1/2’’ diameters with steel or stainless steel connecting rods and cast iron or chrome-plated brass body materials.

Refrigerator Locks by Polar Hardware Mfg Co

Commercial refrigerator locks offer many benefits, including improved security, regulatory compliance, energy efficiency, and more. At Polar Hardware Manufacturing Co., Inc., we offer an extensive selection of heavy-duty refrigerator locks and latches designed to provide optimal security while preventing refrigeration loss. For more information about our products, contact us today.