Polar Hardware Manufacturing creates specialized hardware for doors, automotive bodies, and general industry applications. We offer a range of door holders precision-engineered for efficiency and security, along with easy-operation latching/releasing mechanisms. Learn more about when and why a door holder is the perfect solution to common accessibility requirements for homes, gates, trailers, trucks, and various industrial uses.

Door Holders Explained

A door holder uses one of a few simple and effective designs to ensure a swinging door remains securely in its open position. By eliminating undesired door movement, users can effortlessly keep the door ajar for as long as they like, largely independent of other conditions (such as high activity, movement, or weather conditions).

There are three main types of door holder designs:

  1. T-Type Door Holders: A T-shaped rigid steel wire integrates with a door frame recess/catch that keeps the latching mechanism securely in place while preventing unwanted release. The user can then manually slide the T-shaped wire back out of the catch when desired for normal door operation.
  2. Door Hold Backs: A hook and catch mechanism similarly integrates a rigid steel pin into a catch, except the catch is a movable steel ring that slides over the pin.
  3. Plunger Type Door Holders: Plunger door holders use a spring-loaded mechanism to engage the door frame’s catch in the form of a socket. When manually released, the plunger disengages from the socket, allowing the door to swing freely once again.

Door Holder Applications

Door holders are commonly used in both industrial and commercial applications with each design having unique use cases. For instance, plunger-type door holders are common means of holding large walk-in fridge/freezer doors open during deliveries. A T-type door holder is an effective general-purpose door holder as it is easily installed on many types of doors. Hold backs are excellent choices for large swing doors on trucks, commercial kitchen equipment, and industrial equipment.

Any time a doorway must remain open, a door holder provides secure, supervision-free hold-open functionality. This is often necessary for rooms and storage spaces where accessibility and periods of traffic are essential, such as:

  • Storage facilities
  • Classroom doors
  • Stairwell access
  • Corridors with limited space
  • Industrial or high-efficiency commercial equipment
  • Commercial doors and related products of almost any kind

Door Holders Benefits

Door holders keep doors securely open so that people can move freely, ensuring that the swing door won’t shut at an inopportune moment and cause injury. When moving material, it’s especially important to ensure the door won’t close until you’re ready.

A door holder can also improve traffic flow and even air quality, all while preventing damage to the door and its surroundings and reducing maintenance requirements. Other benefits include:

  • Quicker, easier movement through doorways
  • Stops the door from slamming into people, pets, walls, or other surroundings
  • Prevents unsightly dents and other damage
  • Reduces wear on hinges and other door/frame components
  • Eliminates or cuts down on time-consuming repairs
  • Meets various ADA accessibility requirements
  • Stops pinching hazards at the hinges and doorjambs
  • Maintains greater airflow and ventilation, for improved indoor air quality and HVAC system performance

Door Holders From Polar Hardware Mfg. Co., Inc.

Door holders are effective solutions for homes, trailers, vehicles, industrial facilities, and other structures requiring total control of doorway access and closure. Polar Hardware designs and manufactures efficient and secure door-holding mechanisms designed for the widest possible range of use-case scenarios.

We specialize in latching hardware and devices that make simple tasks even simpler. A door holder is a perfect example of when simple but highly specialized devices dramatically improve efficiency and usability, all while reducing damage, workflow issues, and other adverse effects. To learn more about our inventory of precision-engineered latching/locking mechanisms and what functions they can fulfill, contact us or request a quote today.