When your industrial or commercial facilities need to secure cars, enclosures, or equipment, turn to Polar Manufacturing Co., Inc., for heavy-duty cam locks. We are the experts in custom-manufactured door and truck body hardware. Learn more about the tamper-proof design, heavy-duty capabilities, and wide range of applications for these popular locks.

Heavy-Duty Cam Locks Explained

Heavy-duty cam locks, also called bar locks or lock rods, are simple but very secure locking systems. They have a cylinder-shaped keyed nut and a cam, or tongue bar, that lock together to keep enclosures like lockers and cabinets firmly shut. The design ensures the locks naturally provide enough leverage to clamp the enclosure doors shut. Because of their simple and effective structure, commercial and industrial organizations use these locks to secure doors, gates, refrigerators, vans, and more.

While conventional cam locks often feature a thin backing that leaves the internal components vulnerable to brute force, heavy-duty cam locks are much more solid and robust. All of the internal components are also loaded in through the front of the lock, making it even more secure.

Heavy-Duty Cam Lock Applications

Heavy-duty cam locks are incredibly versatile and can be used as stand-alone security measures or in conjunction with other tools and monitoring systems to create multilayered security. Some of the most common applications for these locks include the following:

Industrial Machinery

Industrial facilities use heavy-duty cam locks to secure materials, equipment, and even the interior of the premises. The locks can be affixed to panels, doors, and cabinet compartments of all types. Facility managers and security teams can use the locks to bar access to enclosures or prevent equipment from running until the lock has been disengaged. Industrial sites that frequently employ cam locks for security and safety purposes include manufacturing plants, production centers, distribution centers, and factories. They can also be used in vehicles that operate on or between industrial sites.

Cabinets and Enclosures

Heavy-duty cam locks can provide localized security by clamping the doors of cabinets and other enclosures shut tight. Different industrial and commercial buildings can secure office supplies, expensive equipment, biomedical tools or supplies, technology, and more. These locks are often used across:

  • Data centers
  • Offices
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Multi-family residential properties


Vehicles across all arms of the transportation industry need the reliable security that heavy-duty cam locks can provide. Consumers can use the locks to secure RVs and boats stored in the driveway or in off-site storage. Companies can also use the locks to ensure materials in their trucks and trailers remain accounted for. Heavy-duty cam locks are a frequently preferred option for securing and protecting cargo as it moves along the supply chain.

Heavy Duty Cam Locks Benefits

Heavy-duty cam locks offer several advantages to the companies and individuals that use them. Some of the most valuable benefits these locks provide are:

  • Versatility: The locks can work well with enclosures, vehicles, equipment, and more.
  • Additional strength to existing doors and lock mechanisms: The locks can be used in tandem with other mechanical and digital security solutions to provide additional security and peace of mind.
  • Durability: Heavy-duty cam locks are built to last. They can withstand intentional damage from would-be thieves, resist corrosion and damage from the elements, and remain strong throughout years of use. The locks are built to be more durable than conventional cam locks due to the front-loaded assembly and solid metal construction.
  • Tamper-proof reliability: Operators can install these locks through the frame of a given enclosure for added security and protection against tampering. For example, shipping centers and post offices can use cam locks to block the slot in mailboxes, simultaneously preventing criminals from breaking into the box or reaching into the slot with their hands.

Heavy-Duty Cam Locks from Polar Hardware Mfg. Co., Inc.

Heavy-duty cam locks set the standard for rugged, durable, and simple security. These locks promise ongoing protection without the vulnerabilities of other locking tools. At Polar Hardware Manufacturing. Co., Inc., we specialize in building industrial metal hardware that lasts. Whether you need locks, door and truck body hardware, or other heavy-duty metal components, we provide standard and custom manufacturing services. Reach out today to learn more or to request a quote for your order.