Truck trailer hinges are essential elements on trucks and trailers to ensure that doors, compartments, ramps, and other components are properly secured for transportation. At Polar Hardware Manufacturing Co., Inc., we offer a wide range of truck trailer hinge solutions to meet the needs of various applications. Our hinges are made with quality materials to ensure durability and long-term performance.

Truck Trailer Hinges Explained

Polar Hardware Manufacturing Co., Inc. designs and manufactures custom truck body and door hardware for industrial applications. As part of our extensive catalog, we offer a range of square corner hinges, embossed hinges, rear door hinges, and truck and trailer hinges.

Our All Steel Truck and Trailer Hinge is one of our most popular products. This hinge is fabricated from 1/4-inch thick steel rolled to create a pivot point. It uses the same 5/16-inch thick steel bracket as our 1809 hinge, and it is available in 3, 4, and no-hole models with a 1/2-inch steel lock nut and bolt. It is also available in a stainless steel construction.

We manufacture our hinges with high-quality materials to deliver longevity and reliable performance when installed on truck and trailer bodies. To further enhance hinge durability, we offer zinc-plated and hot-dip galvanized finishes for added corrosion resistance.

Truck Trailer Hinges Applications

Polar Hardware Manufacturing Co., Inc. offers trailer and truck hinges for various industries, including logistics, agriculture, construction, and transportation. Common applications include:

  • Truck and trailer doors. Heavy-duty hinges are ideal for operating and securing doors on trucks and trailers. Our hinges offer dependable and smooth motion, making is easy to open and close doors.
  • Storage compartment and toolbox hinges. Storage compartments and toolboxes mounted on truck and trailer bodies require a secure hinge. Our hinges maintain proper alignment and reliability to ensure the doors close securely and open easily to access the contents within.
  • Hinges for folding ramps and decks. Truck trailer hinges are often used in the construction of foldable ramps and decks. The hinges allow for smooth folding and unfolding of these structures, making it easier to load and unload cargo from the truck or trailer.
  • Tailgate and loading ramp hinges. Truck and trailer loading ramps and tailgates require hinges that provide adequate durability and strength to support the weight of heavy loads during loading and unloading operations.
  • Compartment and access door hinges. Truck trailer hinges are used for compartments and access doors on trucks and trailers. Our hinges ensure smooth operation and proper sealing, providing easy access to important tools and equipment contained inside.
  • Livestock trailer gate hinges. Our hinges are often used to secure gates on livestock trailers. Their strength and durability ensure the safety and security of the animals being transported.

Truck Trailer Hinges Benefits

Our truck trailer hinges provide various advantages, including:

  • Durability. Truck trailer hinges from Polar Hardware Manufacturing Co., Inc. are fabricated from high-quality materials such as steel to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
  • Corrosion resistance. We can improve the corrosion resistance of our hinges by finishing them with hot-dip galvanzing or zinc plating processes. This will make sure they hold up under exposure to the elements and other corrosive environments.
  • Security. Our truck and trailer hinges are designed to provide maximum security for trailers and truck bodies. Specifically, our embossed hinges feature a quality stainless steel construction with an embossed design for greater strength.
  • Customization. We offer a range of customization options for our truck and trailer hinges, including different sizes, material constructions, and finishes to meet our customer’s specific needs.

Truck Trailer Hinges From Polar Hardware Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Truck trailer hinges from Polar Hardware Manufacturing Co., Inc. offer a durable and long-lasting solution for applications ranging from livestock trailers and tailgates to truck doors and more. Our hinges come in a range of configurations with customizable features to ensure we deliver a solution that adheres to your application’s unique requirements. For more information about our selection of truck trailer hinges, request a quote from our experts today.